Full zazenday at the Mui no shinnin zendo – Vig

1. oktober 2017 kl. 9:00 – 17:00
Hi everyone

Again we will have a full zazenday at the Mui no shinnin zendo. Man of no rank zendo.
Time: Sunday the 1st oct. 9.00-17.00.
Arrive no later than 8.50
Same setup as usual with extra hours on the cushion, formal lunch, chikung, reading from selected zen texts,  kinhin in the forest, tea and coffee.
Price. 100.00 kr on arrival or by mobile pay.
Please sign up no later than one week before, sunday the 24th sep. on responding this mail.

Skovgårdsvej 5
4560 Vig
phone. 29881685
People who are interested in joining sesshin in the future and hasn’t done sesshin before or unfamiliar with sesshin rules and the moves in general,
are requested to take part in these zazen day, in order to be best prepared.
Please  arrange transportation among yourself. Not through me. Thanks.
There will also be zazen as usual 17.30 at the yogacenter.
Looking forward seeing you.